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I highly recommend Elyssa. Whether it is a situation at work or life in general, she is an excellent coach with whom to work.  During a session, Elyssa will assess up front what you want to achieve and quickly have constructive insight. She can help work through the most efficient way to structure an important conversation and provide tools to clarify your goal and maximize the outcome. Elyssa will teach you that how you “show up” impacts the result you want to achieve. With her coaching you will be surprised at what you can make happen. It takes work to achieve your goal and Elyssa is the right coach to provide you with the tools you need.

Eric, Top Tier Investment Bank, New York

I have known Elyssa for more than 10 years and have found a friend, mentor, advisor and healer in her.  Most recently, I was struggling with a challenging personal situation, whereby I was under enormous stress and Elyssa came to coach me.   She started as a compassionate listener.  She took the time to understand my situation and designed a targeted program for me.  She provided me with a host of diverse strategies (Yoga, Meditation, Mental Exercises, Self Awareness, Story Telling, Inspirational Reading and many more resources).  A combination of these helped me to heal and grow physically, emotionally and above all spiritually.  She was totally ‘in tune’ with what I was experiencing and was remarkably consistent and patient in working with me.   I don’t think I would have trusted anyone else in my situation.  Elyssa is a gifted Life Coach with a profound passion and professionalism in the field and will provide you the tools to harness your energies and the power to ‘live your best life’.

Sokat, Top Tier Investment Bank, New York

I feel very fortunate to have had Elyssa as my coach. She holds many qualities that I look for in a coach – intuitive, insightful, sensitive, encouraging, and supportive. Elyssa is a wonderful listener; she has a penetrating mind and excellent questioning skills. Her professional demeanor makes me feel valued as a client and allows me to feel ‘safe’ talking to her. Elyssa has helped me to break through many barriers in my own mind. In just a few sessions, my stress levels dropped and I was a much calmer and happier person. I would highly recommend Elyssa to anyone committed to positive change and moving forward in life.

Janae, Hawaii

During the fall of 2011, my mom had been suffering from a brain tumor for over a year, my aunty just got a diagnosis of leukemia, and my only grandparent passed away due to the lung cancer. At the same time, I encountered a tremendous setback in my career after a major company acquisition. These difficult situations made me vulnerable, discouraged and question who I really am. As the only child in my family, I asked myself, was leaving all whom I love in China to be in the US to pursue my dreams the right path? That was the time I began to work with Elyssa as a coach. Her wisdom, kindness and guidance restored the confidence in me and reignited my dreams. She inspired and taught me how to hold onto my dreams, stay determined, persistent, and win the battle over my mind. She gave me the strength to persevere even when times were hard, and taught me how to focus my mind on the positive. While going through dark nights, discouragement becomes a heavy weight to carry around. It is highly critical to be guided, to be motivated and re-directed by people like Elyssa, to become stronger and more certain about your dreams, to keep pursuing happiness, freedom and the true meaning of the life.

Vicky Pan, China/New York

I just wanted to say thank you so SOOO much for coaching me today and asking some great questions. You have a real gift for mirroring back words concisely and with articulation.  I want you to know how much I appreciated that time to clarify. You really helped me to create a tool available to me in future.  GREAT coaching – you are a natural – curious and not leading. You left it wide open and were so caring and thoughtful during the process!  Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

Rayme, Alberta, Canada